Ask For Miracles

My Friend,

Imagine a thousand angels floating just above your head, all of them waiting for you to have great intention. Once you do, miracles shall be delivered to you easily, brilliantly and with more than you had intended. Your cup runneth over.

Miracles are happening around us always, we just need to be looking for them. A miracle is simply when you are aligned with and feel good about what you are asking for.

The first step to allowing and having more miracles in our lives is to simply ask for miracles. Saying these things will help you experience a miracle within the next few minutes after reading with feeling the following :

  • Miracles come to me when I have great intentions.
  • It is my greater intention that calls forth the universe.
  • Thousands of fingers now weave my desires to me.
  • Miracles are opening up as God’s answers to me.
  • It is my good feelings that make my thoughts turn to things.
  • Thousands of angels now playfully gather all of my desires to me.
  • Miracles come to me because I deserve them.
  • It is wanted things that come to me now from God.
  • Thousands of energy vibrations now mold into my experience.

Know that you can have what you want. If you have the ability to ask for them, God has the ability to create any and everything for you. Let us now ask for what we want and then watch as miracles flow to us like the flakes on a snowy day!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

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Miracles are mine!