Be the Navigator

My Friend,

Today, let us give up being the passenger in our lives and instead be the navigator. Let us give up being the servant to life and be the master that we all have the ability to be.

We can become the navigator by withdrawing our attention from the outside world and focusing instead on the inside world where all change occurs. As we focus deliberately on the thought that we determine, instead of what the world determines, we will all get that which we want.

No longer shall we accept outside conditions and circumstances​. Instead, today let us all stand tall, stand in our grace and take control of the outside world by imagining how we want our condition and circumstances to be.

It is our all-powerful mind that dictates where we are going. There is no power working against you, and all the power in the universe is playing on your behalf. It is our prayer today that brings our tomorrow, and our prayer is not only with our hands in prayer and on our knees, but our prayer is our every moment of thought.

Today, let us choose to be the navigator of our life by thinking loving thoughts about the abundance and joy that is coming our way.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

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