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Dr. Hank Seitz, a leader in helping individuals in sales and goal setting is now offering “one on one” coaching. Find out how a proven leader with an extensive background in management and sales can help you arrive to the “next step”. This video is a testimonial to Dr. Hank and his expertise.

Business & Life Coaching

Dr. Hank has been a life coach and business coach for the past 19 years. He is unique as he guarantees measurable results and improvements with your finances, health and relationships. He offers both individual and group coaching (Inner Circle), along with his time proven training program “Top Performers” as listed below:

Dr. Hank’s Platinum Coaching Program : Included in this program is a complete assessment of your behavior, motivation, business acumen and talents. You will also be provided a complete time management system that will help you carve out the path of your desires. This program includes 2 one-hour private coaching sessions with Dr. Hank. The first session will determine a gap analysis and provide clarity on what you desire that primarily focuses on having the life of your dreams. Particular focus is on business, financial, physical, and relationship enhancements. This coaching program guarantees you measurable improvements and at least a 300% improvement in the areas you desire to improve.

Dr. Hank’s “Inner Circle” Program : Twice a month you will meet with similar minded people that desire to improve their lives and live the good Life. Dr. Hank will share one of his teachings that will help you to manifest more of your desires faster at each meeting. This also provides a place for you to discuss your desires with the master mind group and receive input and perspectives from other leading edge creators.

Dr. Hank’s Group Coaching : This is used with any organization or group that is seeking to measurably increase their results. Using Dr. Hank’s patented and time-proven success formula “Top Performers”, you will increase your business results, improve your personal lives and work together as a team like never before. New ideas are created, new processes implemented and every participant feeling more confident while being more productive. This process has been used successfully with Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and typically generates a return on investment of over 1,000%, and is guaranteed to increase your results by 300%, or your investment is returned in full!


“I have been through all the top coaches in real estate and none of them have been as good as Dr. Hank! I have more business, a more balanced life and went from the ‘slime pit’ to heaven because of him.” – Paula Paulette, Named Top Texas Real Estate Agent

“Dr. Hank took me from closing a few homes a month with an average sale of $100,000 to being a top 250 Agent in America and closing 4-5 transactions a month at an average sale of $250,000. He has also given me a peace in my life where I am able to love more and enjoy having my dreams come true.” – Raul Arriaga

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