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Good Feeling Thoughts | A Review

Good Feeling Thoughts available on
Good Feeling Thoughts | All You Need for What You Want by Dr. Hank Seitz available at
Book Review for the July, 2015 issue of Bellesprit Magazine
by Becca Nidey

According to the dictionary, the definition of affirmation is :

  1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed, assertion
  2. Something declared to be true, a positive statement of judgement
  3. A statement intended to provide encouragement, emotional support or motivation, especially when used for the purpose of autosuggestion

All of these certainly apply to the book, “Good Feeling Thoughts”, by Dr. Hank Seitz. Dr. Seitz, who likes to be called Dr. Hank, is an international speaker and author who has taken his personal philosophy and created a program for businesses to improve their practices as well as their profits. However, not only does this program work with business, it also encourages people to achieve their personal goals. According to a quote from his website, Dr. Hank says: “What is YOUR desire, goal and dream? I have a proven process to provide you with a conscious, pure and direct connection with your desired results and goals. With my help, no matter who you are or what your past is, you can attain anything you wish.” Besides his busy business practice, he also serves on the executive board of Ultima Real Estate, the advisory board of the Citrix Corporation, and previously on the advisory board for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as being a philanthropist and humanitarian in his own right.

To help people to reach all their goals, Dr. Hank has written a book containing daily affirmations for a full year. As the dictionary defined them, these affirmations are positive and provide motivation and encouragement. I would suggest reading the daily affirmations out loud; the spoken word has great power. Reading through each of the daily affirmations I was hard pressed to find a favorite, however I chose to settle on those for my birthday of October 31 as a good example. To quote Dr. Hank: “I allow myself to feel good. I now seek the ideal life for me, create the ideal feelings for me and then watch the universe deliver them to me gracefully, easily and delightfully. The universe can deliver the essence of everything we want, even when it seems in conflict with what someone else wants.” I encourage you to read “Good Feeling Thoughts” by Dr. Hank Seitz.

As a relative newcomer to the use of affirmations I decided to go to the source of the ones included in this book, Dr. Hank. Following are the questions and very enlightening answers from the author.

Becca : I don’t think I have ever read a more unique acknowledgement before in a book. How did you come to meet “Your Inner Being” and come to understand yourself? What started you on this journey to meet your inner self?

Dr. Hank : Ahhh, thanks. All my life I have known my connection with my “Inner Being”. When I was a boy I would sit in the front pew of church and when the minister said something that didn’t sound right I would shake my head “NO!” I knew I had a connection with my “Inner Being” then and of course my parents took me to the back row!

When I was 18 years old I was in the military and had to stand up in post in the middle of a forest. I began to give a sermon, as my words rang out to no one but everything, I knew the words that came to me were from my “Inner Being.”

13 years ago I was in a car accident, broke my neck and was in a coma. I was walking down the valley of death with black trees and no life in them and I was asked if I wanted to come or stay. I responded with a resounding “Yes, I want to stay and share with people how life plays and how we can make life play for us the way we want it!” I have dedicated my life to this precious of all understanding

Becca : How did you formulate the thoughts and messages you included in the book?

Dr. Hank : When I sit quietly and do my “Joy Shop” first thing each morning, I become connected to my soul, my inner being, my source. The words then flow generously of amazing new thoughts that come from “All That Is” of infinite intelligence. I can instantly become connected with the flow of life and one of the values I offer the people of the world is the ability to channel solutions for them.

Becca : Could you tell the Bellesprit readers a little bit about yourself? Have you written other books?

Dr. Hank : My life has been blessed with much contrast (things I didn’t want) that have birthed new desires of the things I do want. Growing up I had an abusive father and 2 older brothers who enjoyed torturing me both physically and emotionally. I went into the Army at 17 years old and cried myself to sleep each night due to my loneliness and fear. My car accident that broke my neck caused me to lose my wife, my home and my wealth. I love every bit of this contrast for it has given me clarity and has helped me to discover the truth and this truth has set me free. I am now a vehicle to help others free as well

Becca : I am a novice in using affirmations. Could you please explain to me and other who are learning this technique how and why “Good Feeling Thoughts” works?

Dr. Hank : A of science has agreed within the past 5 years (quantum physicists, molecular biologists, and neuron scientists) that all of creation starts with our thought. We are not here to redeem ourselves, prove ourselves or earn ourselves into some future place. We are here to be creators and we mold the energy that creates worlds with our thoughts. We are all powerful creators but most of us think about what we don’t want and then get more or it. Affirmations help to change the thinking from resistant thought to allowing thoughts. My book “Good Feeling Thoughts” gently changes one’s thinking process by reading the “7 Good Feeling Thoughts” each day whatever we are thinking about expands. As we think about more “good feeling thoughts” we will all begin to create the life of our dreams!

Becca : I was very impressed that you serve on the advisory board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In your book you mention that you are a philanthropist and humanitarian in your own right. Could you discuss some of the causes that are close to your heart, those that feed your soul?

Dr. Hank : Whatever we give out attention to expands. As people fight against something they are actually creating more of it. A case in point is the fight against breast cancer, and look what happens. There is more breast cancer. I don’t fight against anything, but I play for everything that I want. For example, my role with the Gates Foundation is to find new ways to educate people about subjects where there are no courses. These include the teaching of not just touching, seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing. But the most important subject of all and that is our feelings! Our emotions are that which create from our thoughts that then turn energy into form. Thoughts become things and they do so through our emotions. What fees my soul is to help others understand that we all have a guidance system within us and it is our “GOOD” or “BAD” feeling. When we are thinking as our source (God) thinks about a subject we feel good. As we honor our desires and pursue our desires with our thoughts and corresponding feelings then the heavens part and all that we have asked for shall be received.

Becca : One last question-what is the one bit of wisdom you want the readers to take away from your book?

Dr. Hank : The most important thing we can ever ask for is to feel good. As our focus is on how we feel, we align our energy with our inner being and this alignment makes for what we came here to experience, more freedom and the prize, MORE JOY!

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