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Tapping Into Your Essence

Most of us believe that there is more to our being than just our physical reality as our flesh, blood and bones than we all know ourselves to be. There are many labels that we have used in this society to label this extension of ourselves that include our Soul, God, Source and the Universe. But words alone are unable to explain this wiser and larger part of us that I refer to as our “Higher Essence”.

It is valuable to understand the role that our Higher Essence plays in our lives as it will catapult us to a robust and abundant life that is filled with more joy and freedom than we can now imagine.

Every thought, word and action that you offer has a backdrop of this broader perspective and is communicating with you if it is what you really do or don’t want. As you bump up against things you do not want, in this moment is birthed what you do want! As you make a conscious decision to guide your thoughts only to what you do want, you will begin to feel better and better. This is so for as you are thinking and feeling as your “Higher Essence” you begin to be more at one with the all of you.

50275667_sAs you desire to think thoughts that feel good, you will be guided into alignment with this broader perspective and things will become better and better for you. As you align and have the good feeling from the good thoughts of your essence you shall be guided to more and more of these good feeling thoughts that will tap into creative intelligence and provide you with all the answers and solutions that you have asked for. This is the how you can now ‘ask for and then receive’ that which you desire.

The essence of you is always focused on your immense value! When you focus on a flaw or a bad situation you are in, you feel bad because this grander perspective that is within you, the Kingdom that lies within you, has different thoughts and feelings about you and any situation you are in. For all bad feelings are necessary to discover the better feelings, but the better feelings won’t blossom into your life until you stop focusing on the flaws and bad situation and realize the beauty that these situations have birthed.

Your “Higher Essence” only chooses to focus on your happiness, worthiness and success! As you continue to choose better feeling thoughts and speaking about the things you want and desire, you will gently and softly tune into the magnificence of who you really are!




Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential

You Can Change Everything. Message in handsHere are 3 easy steps to begin to change your mindset, reprogram your thought process and tap into your unlimited potential to have an even better life!

The first step is to develop and then state positive, present tense affirmations. Have these personalized, positive and in the present tense. Examples of meaningful affirmation include:

I love myself!

I feel terrific!

I am decisive!

I allow large sums of money to flow into my experience!

Whatever the conscious mind believes and accepts, then you will be given. It is our thought power that delivers to us our desire. Our thoughts have an inordinate and magnetic energy that can create anything in our lives that we want.


The second way to program your mind to what you want is to visualize in your mind’s eye that which is the end results of your dreams. This will magically play out for you for whatever you hold in your mind’s eye shall appear in your experience.


wordcloud (3)
When you can see it you will be able to achieve it! Get a clear mental picture of the ideal you and see the ideal results of what you want. These can include seeing yourself as youthful, slim, trim and fit. Then see the results you have with a successful business, attracting the ideal clients and harmonious and uplifting people. Start seeing it the way you want it!


The third easy step to re-program your thinking is to act the part you want to be with the characteristics and attributes that you want! Behavioral psychologists have found that how you feel becomes your outward expression. As you pretend that you are happy, enthusiastic, confident and whatever other attributes you want, you will become those things!


Begin today to act the role of self-confidence, enthusiasm, power and vitality! As you are excited, alert, alive and start now carrying yourself as you want to be, your actions will then turn your feelings to good and better feelings that will then lead you to all of your dreams. Pretend how you want to feel and then it will become your reality.


One fun way to improve your self image is to get all dressed up, stand in front of a mirror, smile, and say to yourself, “I feel terrific and I love myself!” Another easy way is to sit or lay down, relax and breathe deeply and slow down your mind. Imagine your thoughts are just clouds and let them drift by easily and see the clear blue sky. In this space are all the answers and solutions that you have sought!


50275629_sBehavioral Psychology has also found that when we feel a certain way we tend to act that way! Let us today act like the magnificent creators we are, and relax and train our minds to think about what we want. First thing every morning say to yourself, “My dominant intent is to seek and find things that make me feel good!” and then watch as those things come into your life!


To Your Success & Happiness, Dr. Hank

The Power of Handwriting

There is power in writing down your passions, desires, goals and anything else you want to be, do or have. Princeton University found that longhand note takers did significantly better than laptop note takers despite the fact that laptop note takers have more notes, 22 words per minute when writing and 33 words per minute typing.

The very feature that makes laptop note taking so appealing, ability to take note more quickly, actually undermines learning! Students who take notes by hand outperform students who type and unfortunately more students are typing and not writing. Handwriting helps classroom attention and boosts learning according the Princeton’s research.

The University of Nebraska also found this to be true and that it helped capture the art of thinking better. Ever since ancient scribes first took reed pen to papyrus, taking notes has been a catalyst for the alchemy of learning by turning what we hear and see into a reliable record for later study and recollection.

It is something about writing it down that excites the brain according to brain imaging and Harvard University has found that note taking is a dynamic process that transforms what you hear into your mind. I have found with thousands of business people who have taken my “Top Performers” training process and that write down their passions find that those passions start to come into their experience!

An easy process to start making your passions, desires and goals come true is to simply sit down right now and hand write your top 10 things you want to be, do and have. Write it down in the present tense, as though it has already happening, and it will start happening in your Life! The key is to write them down and put them in a form that brings out your passion. Here are my passions so you can get a feel for the passion of goal setting by using “THE POWER OF HANDWRITING”

My Passions For Living!

  1. I love feeling so good and seeking and finding so many things to feel even better about! I love being so happy and feeling so good!
  2. I love living the Life of My Soul!
  3. I love channeling so purely and fully with the highest and best of Divine Intelligence and keeping Me in a grounded space while I receive from all the wanted that is! (Flowing wisdom, love, enlightenment and divinity into form that uplifts Me and the world!)
  4. I love being so healthy and being such a youthful spirit! (Looking and feeling younger every day!)
  5. I am creating from My Highest Self an abundant consulting business that is done through love and in a healthy, fun and easy manner!
  6. I am now paid on 100 title transactions and more per month quickly and easily and I am so grateful for this abundance!
  7. I close numerous large and high margin ARF deals monthly and I am so grateful for this abundance!
  8. I now easily hire at least 5 grounded divine beings or more each month and allow over $15,000 of monthly income from this service of mine!
  9. I love attracting one million dollars a year and more through my essence!
  10. I now allow $56,000,000 or more by my birthday!
  11. I now attract many wealthy clients where I help create thriving businesses that are creating a better world and provide me large sums of passive income!
  12. “The Happiest Man In The World” book uplifts the world and quickly connects to consumers internationally!
  13. I attract harmonious, uplifting and fun people that help me realize my desires!
    (I prep the rooms when I talk and imagine a golden Light surrounding the room and fills the room with unconditional love and all the people within these walls are filled with the best and highest good for all!)
  14. I deliver My truth to an open and receptive audience on May 26th to Stonebriar Country Club Executives and attract 3 Ideal Clients where I help them grow their businesses and provides me more wealth and prosperity!
  15. I deliver My Truth to an open and receptive audience and am a networking machine that attracts large clients for me at the Small Business Expo, Dallas Convention Center, on May 19th!
  16. My talks at the “Manifesting Mindset Global Event” inspire and uplift an open and receptive audience that moves them to see My gifts and how I can serve them and bring me large sums of money!
  17. Our McPherson-Seitz Team is a thriving brokerage that creates amazing service and abundance for us all!

I, Hank, now have the opportunity of giving others all the prosperity I have been blessed with and more!

I, Hank, am now this youthful creative spirit that has a long, healthy, wealthy and happy lifetime!

All the best and please feel free to contact me about how you can realize your dreams come true at 214-753-7204 or