Feel the Best

My Friend,

To have all that you want, we only need to feel good. This is contrary to what most of us have been taught as we have been told we need to work hard and do a lot. 99% of all the things that come to us are from our thoughts that create feelings.

It is comforting to know that we can have it all as we feel good for this aligns us with our source who then leads us to all of our desires easily and quickly. Read the following with feeling and excitement knowing that this will create the good feelings and thoughts to your joy in this new year :

  • I focus on the places that feel the best.
  • I give my undivided attention to things that feel good.
  • I take the things that feel good and ask for more of them.
  • My thoughts turn into a vibration that sends the signal to my source.
  • My vibrations of my desires turn into the manifestation of them.
  • My life is filled with joy as I intend to feel even better today.
  • I set myself up for satisfaction.
  • I focus on what is easy to feel good about.
  • I am transformed into a good feeling person.
  • This is a new day for me as I think of things that please me.
  • This is the day where I ask for things that I know I can easily have.
  • This is the moment that I now embrace as I feel good.
  • I have no limits.
  • I am free.
  • I am blessed.
  • I am whole.
  • I am it.

As we feel the best today the energy of God flows to us and through us and creates the health, relationships and wealth that we want in this abundant new year that awaits us all.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

Source always has my lighted path beneath my feet as I feel good with these good feeling thoughts!