Feeling Of Dollars

My Friend,

Everything comes to us with our feelings. Having the feeling of dollars will bring you more dollars. This week’s encouragement will help you to attract more dollars as you love the feeling of having more dollars.

Dollars provide us more freedom and this gives us more choices and variety in our lives. Let us today love the feeling of having such prosperity of dollars fall right into our lap as you read the following with freedom.

  • I feel at ease.
  • I feel fun.
  • I feel freedom.
  • I feel as the master.
  • I feel the feeling of dollars.
  • I feel the goodness this brings me.
  • Everything is abundant.
  • Everything is joyful.
  • Everything is love.
  • Dollars are now my friend.
  • Dollars bring a good feeling to me.
  • Dollars are now easy to attract and have fun with.
  • I am being called to abundance.
  • I can feel my calling to prosperity.
  • I do feel dollars coming to me easily and consistently.
  • I really like feeling so free, abundant and prosperous.
  • I really like the freedom to choose more dollars now.
  • I really like being in control of allowing more dollars in.

Let these ideas of dollars expand into your mind today. Enjoy trusting source energy, your God, the Father to do the work, for more dollars into your experience. Love as you watch the manifestation of dollars as you feel the freedom, abundance and joy as money now comes to you in delightful and miraculous ways.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I trust that more fun, money, options, vitality, health, positive momentum, freedom, business opportunities and finer relationships come to me in a faster and even better manner!