Personalized Guided Meditations

Dr. Hank's Guided Meditations, Vol. 1

Guided Meditations help us to manifest our desires and as we realize our oneness with source and provide us a path to reduce resistance and increase our allowing.

There is only one stream that flows from source and it is the stream of good and abundance. When we resist our good, through negative feeling thoughts, we restrict, by thinking negative thoughts, this flow of good into our lives and experience.

Most of us have been taught to think of what we don’t want (don’t trust strangers, you have to work hard to get your stuff, life is tough, you were born a sinner, and the list goes on and on) with negative feeling thoughts that have disallowed the full energy of our Source to flow through us.

These meditations will help you reduce your resistance and increase your ALLOWING that aligns with your inner being and source (God). This alignment opens the stream wide and turns you downstream where all your desires will be realized.

I increase my allowing through meditation.

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