How To Feel Better

My Friend,

It feels so good to feel good, but when we don’t feel good, it’s alright. Our negative emotion tells us that we want something and it also tells us that we are not looking at what we want.

We each have the power to feel good and be pointed in the direction of that which we do want and will make us feel better. Did you know that the means to all that we desire is to simply feel better? You can feel better right now by saying the following :

  • I know I can feel better right now.
  • There is something that I do want.
  • I now look in the direction of what I do want.
  • I simply ask “What do I want?” and I am answered.
  • There is positive emotion that is coming to me from within.
  • I feel better now and trust that all that I do want is coming.
  • I now seek and find solutions to what I want.
  • There is a swelling up of positive energy that comes to me now.
  • I know that my good awaits me and I go there now.

We each have the power to be the recipient of spiritual power and all the benefits that come with it. Let us give it up, relax, be easy, and know that your good feelings are all you need for the happiness you seek.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

It is my happiness that is the means to my desires.