I Am Feeling My Way

My Friend,

Everything we want is simply to feel better. And once we get what we want, we are off to another desire that will make us feel even better.

Everything we want is an emotional path and we are always guided by our feelings to ensure we are on our way to what we want. We can ALWAYS get what we want as we follow our emotions. Let us be gentle, subtle and allow these words to guide our feelings to be on our way . . .

  • I am figuring this out.
  • I am feeling my way.
  • I can ALWAYS get what I want.
  • I trust my emotions more than my physical reality.
  • My physical reality is only the accumulation of my thoughts and feelings.
  • I now call on the love & power of God to lead my feelings.
  • I am not alone.
  • I have help from the all-powerful & mighty.
  • I call upon this source to lead me to my happiness.
  • I accept the goodness that is me.
  • My way is now lighted and I am found.
  • I trust the guidance of my emotions to lead me to my abundance.

You are always on your way, and it is now becoming easier with every thought as you choose the path of your good feelings.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

The source within me knows everything of what I want, where I am in relationship to what I want and the path of least resistance to it!