I See It When I Believe It

My Friend,

Most things we have learned from others is the opposite of how life actually works. Slogans of untruths float into our consciousness and we be default accept these statements as the truth and become our beliefs.

One such statement that we have been taught is “When I see it I will believe it.” Everything we see comes first from what we think upon, imagine and see in our mind’s eye. Whatever we see is simply the accumulation of previous thoughts that we have had that then appear in our experience.

I recall the first year that I became a business coach and consultant. I attended a conference where they honored the top consultant in the country. As I saw the winner walk up to the stage I imagined me walking up on the stage and receiving this honor. The following year I was indeed the person walking up and receiving the Consultant of the Year award. This is because “I See It When I Believe It!” and this is how life works.

Identify something in your life that you want to see and then believe that you will see it. Start with something fun and easy that is already working for you such as your “pretty good” health and then see yourself as slim, trim, fit and healthy. As you think upon this idea of good health pay attention to how you feel. As you feel good about this subject of good health you will start to realize your good health within a short time. The time is dependent upon your belief and how strongly you feel good about your thoughts of your good health.

You can use this success formula with anything that you desire, whether it be about your relationship with someone, relationship with money or anything and everyone. You will not see it when you believe it!


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

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