Increase Your Hiring Accuracy

If you are wanting to increase your hiring accuracy that will increase your retention by 50% and your productivity of new employees by 30%, then you are in the right place!

Corporate America typically uses the resume and then the interview process to hire candidates. Both of these resources are unreliable as no one has ever read a resume that said they were “fired“ and no interview shows the other side of the candidate. Fortunately, there is a time proven process that does use both a reliable and EEOC and OFCCP approved system to accurately hire the best candidate for any particular job.

How the process works :

Dr. Hank starts with the job first and develops a complete “Job Benchmark” that identifies that High Pay Off Activities of the job and then measures the TALENTS required of the job, how the job MOTIVATES and what the ideal BEHAVIORS are of the job. This is done with the “share holders“ of this position that typically includes the top people in this job, the one-up manager and other interested share holders that have a vision for the job evolving.

Once the “Job Benchmark” is completed an effective ad is then written based on the High Pay Off Activities and the electronic results generated from the input provided by the share holders of the job. The ad then ran requesting the resume be sent back. The recruiting process has been initiated as the response letters back from the candidates along with the resumes are reviewed. Once the top candidates are identified based on this information, the candidates are then asked to complete an assessment that measures the TALENTS, MOTIVATIONS and BEHAVIORS of each candidate.

An electronic “Comparison Report” is then run that compares the job to the candidates and a thorough report is generated that identifies the most qualified candidate for this particular job. Dr. Hank will be able to provide you a recommended “Hire” or “Do Not Hire” for each candidate and this is before any interviews are initiated.

The final step is to interview the qualified candidates. This saves the company hours of interviewing time as only the top candidates are interviewed and the “Job Benchmark” also includes specific questions to ask each candidate.

The entire process saves time, increases your hiring accuracy and increases both the productivity and retention of new hires and promotions. This is regarded as the world’s most statistically accurate and valid means to access and hire the best person for any particular job.

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