It’s a Great Life

My Friend,

We live in a world that has everything we like and everything we don’t like. It is a world that is filled with all the beauty that we choose and our lives can be great if we so choose.

Since we have the choice to determine how we want our lives to be, here are some thoughts that can help us see that you indeed have a great life right now :

  • I am already happy as I am.
  • I am that which I desire.
  • I feel that my wishes are now fulfilled.
  • I now submit myself to my ideal self.
  • I now assume the feeling of a great life.
  • It is through my imagination that my great life appears.
  • Everything I feel now brings me the great life.
  • Everything I think about now brings me the great life.
  • Everything I sense allows me to see my great life.
  • It is raining good things in my life now.
  • Everywhere I turn brings me the great life.
  • I now allow my great life to be here with me.

It is fun to imagine an even better life and we each have the power to bring this great life of yours to the forefront. Ask for the great life and it shall be yours. Believe in your great life and you now stand at the doorstep of it!


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

It is conceivable, possible and sure that I can release my resistance and allow my good to come to me NOW!