It’s All About You

My Friend,

We each perceive the world from our own perspective based upon our thoughts that either come from the outside world or from our divine inside world.

The universe, energy, responds to your block of thoughts on how you feel about any subject, not necessarily what you are saying about it. For example, have you ever told someone “It’s nice to meet you.” when you are really thinking something different? The universe always knows how you feel no matter what you are saying.

You can only think and feel for yourself. You have your very own perspective on all subjects, and the universe responds to you and only you. We are each in the center of our own universe and the best way to help yourself and others is to have your dominant intent to please yourself. This most consider to be selfish, and indeed it is.

We have all been told “You are being selfish.” as if that is something that you should stop doing. The fact is, those that have called you selfish did so when you were not doing what they selfishly wanted. The time has come to have a new definition of selfishness and realize you can only see through your own eyes of self, and if you are not pleasing yourself, you are creating negativity. It is time to please and love yourself first, create positive energy that shall then uplift you and the world.

Let us all stand tall today and reach for the connection with our divine self. When we are selfish enough to no longer care about what the world is thinking, but care most about what God is thinking, we shall have a better life and world.

To do this, you need only ask that you feel good and for thoughts that make you feel good as “It’s All Bbout You”, and when you are happy so the world and God are happy.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I focus my attention on the things that please me and that I love!