Life Happens From Me

My Friend,

Since we were born we have been taught that life happens to me. We are told to guard ourselves from strangers, yet we were not told that we attract the type of “strangers” we desire in our life. We have been told that life is tough “out there” and you must “do” things to “get ahead”.

Though the people that taught us this had good intentions, it is not how life works. We are each the creators of our life and our experience. Most of us don’t believe that because we have been living unintentionally and have received our experience by default. We further believe that what we have been taught is the truth for what we have thought about, just as those “bad strangers” did show up, since whatever we place our attention on appears in our lives.

We have been taught that we should “do something” and action is the key ingredient to everything. Yet, we have found that when we just do stuff we get a lot of “do do“ in our life. Then how do we improve our lives and make our lives better than they were yesterday?

The answer lies in knowing how life works and it works FROM me, not TO me. This means that for my life to improve I need to first think about what I want and then feel its presence without yet having it. We merely need to use our imagination and we can imagine what we want and feel as though we have it. As we do this we will begin seeing in just a few days our life getting better as we focus on what we want and how it feels by having these desires.

At this point you will then have INSPIRED action, but even then you will not need much action. The universe will be gathering all of your desires in surprising and delightful ways through your good feeling thoughts and unforeseen people, circumstances and events coming into your life. This is the essence of having life come from you!


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I don’t fix conditions, I call forth the conditions I want.