Motivation Assessment

The DHS Motivational Assessment will help you understand how you are motivated and how you make decisions. It will also help you to understand how others are motivated and make decisions. It answers questions such as what is the source of my desire to take action or not! The “DHS Motivational Profile” answers these questions and helps you understand why you and others make certain decisions while helping yourself “speak the language of others” thereby opening the shade of communication.

In 1928, Eduard Spranger’s book “Types of Men” identified six major motivators where we view the world and seek fulfillment in our lives. As we understand our motivators we will value our experience in discussions, activities or the careers of our life in a more meaningful way. Conversely, if it is in conflict with our dominant motivations we will be indifferent or negative toward the experience which can cause stress and disengagement.

The six motivators that you will be measured on with the “DHS Motivation Profile” are :

  • Theoretical – A passion to discover, systematize and analyze; a search for knowledge
  • Utilitarian – A passion to gain return on investment of time, resources and money
  • Social – A passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world and to assist others
  • Individualistic – A passion to achieve position and to use that position to influence others
  • Traditional – A passion to pursue the higher meaning in life through a defined system for living
  • Aesthetic – A passion to add balance and harmony in one’s own life and protect our natural resources

The DHS Motivational Profile assessment measures your responses in each of these six areas. Your personalized report shows each of the six motivators as compared to a recently validated national average. You will better understand the WHY of your actions which, with application, can positively impact your life.


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