Motivational Speaker

Dr. Hank has been a keynote speaker for the past 34 years with large corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, IBM and Chase. He has also been a professor at Essilor University (the largest lens manufacturer in the world) where he is the keynote speaker with upper management of their top clients from around the world. His signature talk is “Living In The Green Zone” that is tailor-made for each group he speaks with and inspires the audience to create their desires through thought. His keynote topics include:

  • Living In The Green Zone For Managers
  • Living In The Green Zone For Sales Professionals
  • Living In The Green Zone For Customer Service
  • Living In The Green Zone For Franchisees
  • Living In The Green Zone For Non-Profits
  • Living In The Green Zone For Entrepreneurs


“Dr. Hank takes down the house with his Living In The Green Zone talk! He had us laughing, feeling good and has such amazing business sense that captured all of our imaginations. We had an amazing 2 days with him and his wisdom, stories and brilliance!” – Mark Hollis, Regional Manager, John Deere, Inc.

“Our keynote speaker was Dr. Hank Seitz and he was simply amazing as he spoke to us about how we can create anything we desire and he made is so simple and inspiring. In fact, after his talk the entire room went to the back to purchase his book “Think, FEEL and Grow Rich” and his “Dr. Hank Meditations To All You Desire” along with his “Living In The Green Zone Program”. This guy is amazing and everyone was so upbeat and he turned our convention from medium to burning hot!” – Susan Hennum, Regional President, Kiwanis Tri-State

“We needed someone who could educate and still entertain our top clients from around the world. After much discussion we finally chose Dr. Hank Seitz to be our keynote speaker and conduct 5 workshops (that Dr. Hank calls Play Shops). Our clients were dazzled and had the best time they have ever had! It was startling on how we all left filled with so much knowledge, so uplifted by Dr. Hank and so fired up to move the business forward in a big way! Thanks to Dr. Hank for being the perfect speaker for our top Executives and Clients. Talk about motivated, talk about inspired, talk about having fun, . . . Dr. Hank’s the choice!” – Bob Price, Executive Vice-President, Essilor, Inc.

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