Personality and Behavioral Assessment

This assessment will help you better understand yourself and others, while identifying stress that you will be able to eliminate.

To better understand our relationships with other people one must first better understand themselves. You will no longer underestimate what you can achieve and at the same time understand your worldly limitations.

The highly validated DISC assessment immediately produces a personalized report with valuable information unique to you and your behavior including :

  • General Characteristics – your individual preferred work style based on your natural behavior
  • Value to an Organization – your individual contributing behaviors within any organization
  • Checklist for Communicating – learn how others can effectively communicate with you
  • Don’ts On Communicating – what others should avoid when communicating with you
  • Communicating Tips – how you can modify your behaviors to more effectively communicate and open the “shade of communication” with other people
  • Ideal Environment – understanding your preferred work environment
  • Perceptions – how you view yourself and how others view you depending upon your current stress levels
  • Descriptors – words that portray you based on each of the four behavioral styles
  • Natural & Adapted Style – view your four-quadrant comparison of your natural and adapted style
  • Adapted Style – characteristics of your current adapted behavioral style
  • Keys To Motivating – learn the most effective means for others to motivate you
  • Keys To Managing – learn the essential areas for other to manage you
  • Area For Improvement – understand your possible limitations and how you can specifically improve areas for your self development
  • Action Plan – create your own customized action plan based on your results and better understanding of yourself
  • Behavioral Hierarchy – view the eight common areas in the workplace and how your individual behavioral style is ranked
  • Behavioral & Stress Graphs – see yourself as who you really are and how you modify your behavioral styles causing additional stress in your life
  • Your Behavioral Wheel – a visual illustration of your behavioral adaptation

This 20 page Behavioral Profile is available to you for an investment of $149 and also comes with an overview document explaining your results.

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