Conscious Mind Treatment


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Conscious Mind Treatment is the new technology of CMT that is a time-proven path to worldly success and eternal peace. Dr. Hank Seitz helps us to use the most sophisticated and complex computer in the world, the human mind, to create with our thoughts and enjoy our inherited prosperity, joy, happiness and peace that has always been ours for the asking. One discovers that it is only our thoughts of fear, worry, doubt and other “committee members” that draws a red curtain preventing us from becoming our greatest possibility.

You will learn how to open this red curtain and see the light of spirit that leads to your worldly prosperity and eternal happiness. Conscious Mind Treatment is a practical guide that helps you to understand how to use your conscious mind, and then how to access your subconscious mind that creates your life’s experience. You will find yourself planting your feet in the lawn of heaven as you discover the spirit that lies within you.