Conversations with Joseph


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Joseph came to me “out of the blue” asking me to help one of his clients. I agreed to help him and then he asked “You seem to know the answers to life and I just can’t figure life out!” I asked Joseph what he meant and he began asking all kinds of questions about life.

I found myself answering these questions, not from me, but some other intelligence was giving me the answers! We spoke for over an hour and then I realized that he came to ask and I was here to give the answers from this Divine Source. Next thing we knew, Joseph and I were talking each week for an hour and recording these sessions together! I was so astounded by the questions and my answers that I knew this was a God thing and that I should share this with you, as you have been asking for Life’s answers and that’s why you are reading this!

All the questions Joseph has asked, you have asked in some way and here are the Godly answers that shall free you from the chains that have bound you. The truth shall set you free and herein lies the truth that shall takes your life to all the happiness, freedom and abundance you have desired!