Encouragement from Dr. Hank


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Encouragement from Dr. Hank are daily “Encouragements” that you can read first thing each morning to get a jump on your day. You have a choice to either wake up on the wrong side or right side of the bed. These encouragements will get you up on the right side of the bed every day.

The most important thing you can do at any moment is to feel good. As you feel good or feel God you will be in the flow of life and feel your worthiness and become more and more empowered each day. Each day you will become inspired as you read with feeling the next “Encouragement”.

It took 3 years to write these encouragements and they were written when Dr. Hank was aligned, inspired and in the flow with “All That Is”. These words shall uplift you and you will gain positive momentum that shall sweep you through each day to better and better days.

You will start experiencing and attracting all the good feeling thoughts, people, circumstances and events that shall deliver you your desires. Have fun as you read these “Encouragements”, be light hearted and know that everything is working out on your behalf. The fastest way for you to connect with your Source is through your breath. Before you read your daily encouragement take a few deep and calming breaths and you will align with your Source and the words shall touch your mind, heart and soul.