Dr. Hank’s Guided Meditations Vol. 1


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The art of meditating quiets the mind and allows to open the passage way to our soul, our inner being, our source. These guided meditations quiet the mind and then guide you to allow the following experiences and manifestations into your life :

  • My Wealth & Abundance – This will help you trump any beliefs of lack and limitation, and rise to the state of wealth and abundance in your life. If you are seeking more money, more business ideas, opportunities and manifestations than this will take you to the emotional place that will allow all the wealth and abundance you desire.
  • My Health & Well-Being – We each have the power to create anything we desire into our lives. Your health is achieved by no longer having dis-ease and instead of being in a state of ease that this meditation will take you to. There is only WELL-BEING that flows and our thoughts have the power to allow a pure state of well-being into our lives. This meditation can overcome any disease and deliver to you the natural happy self that YOU are.
  • My Relationships – If you wish to attract harmonious and uplifting people, and improve every relationship that you desire, then this meditation is for you. You are the creator of your experience. You will understand what true freedom is when You understand that you can create people to be the way You want them to be. As you listen to this guided meditation it will take your relationships to a deeper and more meaningful state of love and appreciation.