Talents and Skills Assessment

This assessment measures your 67 talents to the tenth of a percent using the world’s most statistically accurate and valid diagnostic tool to measure your talents. The results of your talents profile will help you understand your highest talents to leverage these talents to better serve the world and find your inheritance of wealth and abundance.

The DHS Talent Skills Assessment is unique in its ability to assess an individual’s cognitive structure, focusing on three dimensions of thought :

  • Systemic : The dimension of ideas, thinking and structure. Systems judgment and self direction are measured.
  • Extrinsic : The dimension of things, doing and events. Practical thinking and role awareness are measured.
  • Intrinsic : The dimension of people, feelings and self awareness. Empathetic outlook and sense of self are measured.

Along with the three dimensions of thought, the assessment has a direct relationship with mathematics, which is unlike other instrument of its kind. This is the secret behind its ability to measure the core dimensions of how we think. The results is an accurate ranking of your personal talent skills that will describe your individual potential for performance.

How Talents Were Discovered

A man by the name of Dr. Hartman was well educated with a Ph.D. in mathematics and a law degree. He lived in a major city where he was a well respected judge. There was a regime that had started in the city and he was quite outspoken on not supporting. One night Dr. Hartman was at his home with a friend when there was a knock on the door. The person at the door was a friend of Dr. Hartman and reported that some of the regime’s top aides were going to come over and encourage him to support the regime.

Dr. Hartman did not trust the regime and informed his friend that he was leaving his home and would not speak to these aides. The friend stayed at his home and twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. His friend opened the door and was shot in the head and left to die. The regime was led by Adolph Hitler and these were his aides who assassinated his friend in the town of Berlin.

Shortly after this tragedy Dr. Hartman was reading the Bible and came across a passage regarding the “talents” of mankind. He had witnessed the greatest evil that man has ever created and now realized the he could create good by understanding the greatest good of man’s talents. Dr. Hartman dedicated the rest of his life in understanding what the talents of mankind were and how to measure them with his background in mathematics. In 1973 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as he developed the world’s most statistically accurate and valid diagnostic tool to measure man’s talents.


The DHS Talents Assessment has been validated in over 28 individual validation studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners and will show you your talents ranked to the tenth of a point!


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