“Here are all the exciting miracles that are happening to just one of our participants in “Top Performers”
~ I’ve found 7 dynamic and kind teachers! exactly what I asked for!!
~ Our team enrollments have tripled compared with last February!
~ I’m on track to make another $1500 monthly residual bonus every month!
~ I was offered an equity stake in a business!
~ I have been asking for referrals and training my leaders to ask for referrals and it’s happening!
~ I have been using your time management system like a beast! Planning the day before the day begins! I have created consistency!! It’s happening!
~ I’ve received $2000 in free incentive from my executive team to help grow my business!
~ I’m traveling to California and Costa Rica in 2 weeks further build my business and am launching a brand new Costa Rican team!
~ I’m going to be a millionaire!!!!” – Top Performers Participant, February 2017

“What I love about his teaching is the simple lesson that we already have everything we need, we simply have to get out of our own way and leave the “how” to God. With an infectious laugh and vibrancy rarely witnessed in someone who has dealt with so many struggles in life, Dr. Hank serves as a living example that life begins the moment we realize that we are here to serve others. With his success it would be very easy for him to spend his time on the beaches of the world taking it all in while patting himself on the back. However, recognizing that his mission is far from over, he chooses to continue sharing his message that we can overcome the worst of disasters, and we can do so with a smile. As a personal mastery coach and Emcee, I get the chance to meet the cream of the crop from all areas of life. He is the best! Thank you Dr. Hank for your example, your guidance, and for shining your light on the world.” – Steve Gallegos

“My biggest takeaways from this incredible guy were to be not only accepting of contrast, but to embrace it, and the statement “It’s about what we don’t know about what we don’t know!” Always learning and striving to be the best at everything I do. Thanks, Dr. Hank Seitz for the amazing energy that you brought, and for sharing that energy with each & every one of us! ???????” – Gordon Hudelson

“Omg!! What can I say?? Where do I start??? The whole time I was screaming “Whoohoo” because I could feel his energy so strongly. I was smiling the whole time too. I love his joy for life and what he taught about contrast!!!! I love you Dr. Hank Seitz I’ve relived your session over and over in my mind and hope I can get the video or audio of it??????✨?” – Bernice Angoh

“Your process decreased costs by $600,000.” – James Baugher, CSC (Computer Science Corporation)

“We invested $100,000 and have recovered over $1.2 million as a return on our investment.” – Jack Elam, JPMorgan Chase

“Our sales have increased by over 20%, recording our best months ever.” – Kelly Rogers, Reeves Import Motors

“We have increased our revenues by an average of $70,000 per month, or 12%.” – Tom Bauers, Caterpillar (CAT)

“We are currently experiencing record cash flow and have decreased our debt by 50%. This will increase our cash flow by $840,000 this year.” – Stan Plona, Quest Diagnostics

“Our average monthly sales per rep went from 1.8 closes to 4 closes a month.” – Sudhir Cumberland, Xerox Corporation

“Our customer service department increased their quality by 28% and our retention increased by over 50%. Our team is working like no other team I have seen in my corporate experience.” – Jack Elam, Vice-President, Chase Bank

“If everyone was touched by your healthy teachings this would truly be a better world. Our world needs your knowledge and positive energy. Eternally thankful!” – Maria Araujo

“Dr. Hank is a phenomenal business and life coach. I made 4 times more money last month than any month ever before. Dr. Hank’s coaching and teachings are absolutely life changing.” – Dina Lima, real estate agent, mom and now happy.

“I went from no business to 2 new listings, referral partners and more business opportunities than I could even imagine because of Dr. Hank’s ‘Top Performers’. He helped me realize that I can create the life of my dreams.” – Jeffrey Smith, Ultima Real Estate

“Dr. Hank taught me how I can have anything that I want including more business, better health, and a thriving life. I would recommend Dr. Hank to anyone that wants to have more of everything they want.” – Robi Montague, successful and happy business person

“Dr. Hank inspired me to become the Happiest Woman in the World since he is the Happiest Man in the World. I EVEN created a vision board displaying this. Thank-you Dr. Hank for your faith, spirit, wisdom, and teachings, you’re a beautiful influence to become the best version of us that God designed us to be! Sending my love and respect!” – Kim Kneifel Black

“I love Dr. Hank’s quote “Whatever you focus your attention on expands!!” If you focus on I don’t have enough business, you’ll get more I don’t have enough business. Focus on I know I’m on the right path and more business is coming to me.” – Angie Scheribel

“Dr. Hank you are an incredible light and gift to us all. Your positive attitude is outstanding and inspiring! You have changed my life and I am grateful for you!!!” – Tonja Waring

“Ohh Dr. Hank is like bubbles of happiness floating with shimmering light and colors. You can’t be bored or dull around this soul and that is such a gift. I love his perspective on contrast and how he continues to “rock the Heavens” hahahahaaa… That tickles me!!” – Therra Favor Weinberg

Life & Business Coach – "Making Dreams Come True"