The Law of Attraction

My Friend,

The truth has been shared with us and has been carried from generation to generation. The truth has been told in different ways and at different times, and these truths include :

Christ said, “Believe that ye receive and you shall receive.”

Paul said, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

And modern science calls this truth the Law of Attraction by which thoughts attract similar thoughts, people and circumstances.

No matter how we slice it, the truth is that we are all co-creators as we ask and then “the Father does the work”. In other words, it is our “job” to think about WHAT we want and WHY we want it, and then leave the HOW to God.

In the past 5 years all of science has finally agreed that the first step to all of creation comes from first our thought. Let us all enjoy the fruits of this beautiful life as we think about WHAT and WHY we want it, and then have the faith that God shall deliver to us all of our dreams come true.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I always and first go directly to God who is always there, always loving me, and always knowing what’s best!