The Most Important Thing

My Friend,

Everything that we do is done for a better feeling. Think about what happens to you when you are given a lover’s embrace or receive a large check “out of the blue”. What happens is you feel good and this is the bottom line to what all of us are seeking and desiring.

You amazing power that you have to focus your thoughts and thus mold your feelings is all you need to feel good and have all that you desire. I recall a Vietnam prisoner in war who was held captive for several years in a Vietnamese prison camp. To most other POW’s their day was filled with fear of possibly being killed or starving to death and all kinds of horrible possible outcomes. This one man decided not to think about the horrible outcomes but instead thought about “what will be” and he imagined himself happy and wealthy back home.

This man dreamed about and focused his thoughts on only the good that was coming to him that included being happy, wealthy and driving down the Las Vegas strip in a limousine. This man was eventually released from prison and never experienced any of the fears thought up by other prisons and lived happily ever after.

Think upon your worst situation right now and what is your most troubling thought and I would assume it is nothing near as bad as being a prisoner of war. If this prisoner could focus his thoughts to feel good in prison, you can focus your thoughts on what you want and start feeling good. As you feel good you will begin to see the things you desire to entire into your life.

You are the invitor of what you want and by focusing your thoughts on what you want and being sensitive to what you feel, you shall be happy just sitting right where you are. All of your power is in how you are thinking and feeling right now. You have the choice to think positively and thus feel good that will part the heaven’s to all of your desires and make you feel good. To feel good is all that you are seeking and so chose to feel good by thinking upon good feeling thoughts and “what will be”. You are now on your lighted path to joy, freedom and abundance. “That was easy!”


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I am liberated and rise above the world where I play in joy.