Monthly Mentor Program

As a member of “Think, FEEL and Grow Rich” monthly mentorship program you will be able to enjoy the benefits of how to use the 13 Proven Principles of Success to overcome any obstacles in your life and have the things you have always wanted!

You will be with the author of “Think, FEEL and Grow Rich” twice every month and review one chapter from his book each month. You will discover how to use each of these 13 principles with easy to use and practical “Play Sheets” where you will immediately see amazing results in your life.

Your membership in this mentorship program includes :

  • Two one hour and 15 minutes tele-seminars per month covering one chapter each month with Dr. Hank.
  • Two “Play-Sheets” each month with each chapter that shows you how to easily apply each Success Principle in your life.
  • Monthly article written by Dr. Hank that will guide you to achieving specific desires in your life that include improving your health, improving your relationships, having more money, how to ‘resist no evil’, love contrast and how to feel good each moment of every day.
  • Questions and answer period at the end of each tele-seminar that will expand your personal understanding of the material and how to apply your new understanding in your life immediately.
  • Each tele-seminar recorded and available to you on MP3 for you to listen to that will internalize this information and change your resistant beliefs to allowing beliefs!
  • Once a quarter you will receive a “Joy Shop” that will provide you the thoughts for more money, continuous improved health and deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • After six months of membership you will be given one session with Dr. Hank that includes a recorded “Personalized Guided Meditation” to realize your biggest dreams!
  • One autographed book of “Think, FEEL and Grow Rich”

You receive all of this for the introductory price of just $67 per month!

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