Complete Time Management System

This complete one year time management system is the most comprehensive means to daily improve your conscious mind to create good and rid yourself of the “committee”. The multi-faceted system goes beyond making appointments and leads you to a fuller and more intentional life.

The system begins with setting specific goals in your personal and professional life that are then written on the supplied “Goal Planning Sheet”. This allows one to manage their time based on being goal-driven rather than task-driven. The action steps that you identify through spirit are then written on the back of the “Goal Planning Sheet” and come alive by using either using the supplied “Month-At-Glance” or “1-31 Tracking Sheet“.

In addition to having your time being managed via your goals, the DHS Time Management System then manages the commitments you have first to yourself and then to others. These commitments are written first in the “Month-At-A-Glance” and then referenced to plan each day and your present moment. Dr. Hank’s clients have minimally increased their productive time by at least six weeks a year!

Included in the DHS Time Management System are :

  • Complete DHS Time Management System for 1 year
  • Customized Black DHS Binder with zipper
  • A 1-31 Tracking Sheet for each month
  • Twelve months of the two-page daily format
  • Customized individual days for 365 days
  • Six multi-colored tabs, including: Index, Notes/Journal, Goals, Goal Tracking, Communication Planner and Future Planning
  • An A-Z filing system to keep track of meetings and clients
  • A 2 inch D-Ring Storage Binder
  • A Calendar Dayfinder
  • Complete DHS Instruction Manual

Your investment with the complete 1 year Time Management System : $247.

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