Top Performers

“Top Performers” is where it all started over 20 years ago when Dr. Hank was a general manager at Procter & Gamble. P&G’s patents were running out, and share, sales and profits were declining. Dr. Hank used his vast education and business experience and developed a time proven process that guarantees to measurably increase your business results.

This process is so effective that you are guaranteed at least a 300% return on your investment or your investment is returned in full. The program both improves you or your company’s business, but also enhances the personal life with each participant. This is a 5 week program that takes 1.5 hours per week, and can be done either virtually or live with Dr. Hank or one of his facilitators.

The 5 week program includes the following:

Week 1: “Being Intentional” – You will discover the 4 areas that mankind thinks in and how you can start thinking in the “Green Zone” where you are focused deliberately on the things you desire. You will identify your “High Pay Off Activities” and will double the time you now invest in these HPOA’s.

Week 2: “Understanding Yourself & Others” – You will build deeper and more meaningful relationships with clients, friend and loved ones. You will understand the language that others are speaking and the language that you speak based on the six motivations of mankind. This includes a 50 page personalized recap of your motivations, your behaviors and a specific action plan that will take you to the next level of success both professionally and personally.

Week 3: “Believe In Your Success” – This is a fascinating section that will help you identify the beliefs that serve you, and show you a way to trump all beliefs that no longer serve you. We have been told that when you know the truth you shall be set free and this will help set you free to be, do and have all the things you have dreamed of.

Week 4: “Prioritizing Your Life” – Your thinking process has now improved and measurable results and an improved business and life are starting to be realized. You have more clarity about what you want in your life and this section will help you develop the plan of your life and the priorities that you have now discovered. Included is a process to plan your month and discover the ideal next steps with your business, relationships, health and well-being.

Week 5: “Your Emotional Intelligence” – This final week puts it all together and you will fully understand how life works and how you can make life play out for you the way you want it. This includes a personalized EQ assessment and will help you discover how to stop swimming up stream and instead flow downstream where all of your desires await you. We each have a guidance system within us and as we become more sensitive to our emotions we will then allow ourselves to be guided to where we feel good and tap into our abundance within us!


“Top Performers helped me become a listing agent, and during the process I attracted 5 listings and over $2.6 million in closings!” – Rudy Martinez

“Dr. Hank’s process was amazing and has changed my life forever! I am making more money, closing more deals, have more time and am happier. Thanks Dr. Hank” – Nancy Novo

Investment : $2,497

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