Turning Thoughts Into Things

My Friend,

I was told the other day that I am just a “dreamer”. I love this because it is my thoughts that turn into things. Everything created in this world comes from our thoughts so let’s create the life of our dreams.

Read the following slowly and with feeling and start to watch your thoughts turns into the things that you want!

  • I turn my thoughts to things.
  • I turn my feelings to thoughts.
  • I turn my thoughts to energy.
  • My energy sends the signal to source.
  • My energy signal is answered by source.
  • My energy then turns into the things I want.
  • It is my happiness that leads to my desires.
  • It is my thoughts that create my happiness.
  • It is my energy vibration from thought that creates.
  • How I feel is all important.
  • How I feel is dependent on my thought.
  • How I feel is what I care about most.
  • I offer my thought to the things that make my heart sing.
  • I offer my thought to the things that feel good to me.
  • I offer my thought to the things that are playing out for me.

Each of us have the power to think about these good feeling thoughts as we turn our cheek from those thoughts that don’t. This is going to now be a fun day for us as we dream and turn our thoughts into things.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

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