We Attract What We Think About

My Friend,

We are all attracters and we attract what we think about. If we are feeling down we will attract more thoughts, people and circumstances that match these feelings and this becomes our point of attraction. That is why when you are having a bad day and you say “it can’t get any worse than this”, it then does.

The good news is that we all have the power to raise our point of attraction that will bring us better thoughts, people and circumstances into our life. Here are three easy steps to raise your point of attraction and have your days be even better.

  1. Be in a state of allowing, allow the goodness of life, the goodness of God to flow into your life. To do this, simply ask “I want to allow the well-being that flows naturally to me to come into my experience now” and it will.
  2. Reduce your resistance by no longer thinking about the things that upset you, that get you mad and that aren’t working out. Christ said “Turn the other cheek” and this means focus your attention on what you do want, in the other direction from the “bad stuff“ that you do not want.
  3. Focus on appreciating what is playing out in your life, what you do like and what you do want. The #1 thought to appreciate is YOU! Appreciate how you have endless thoughts and feelings that flow from you. Appreciate how your heart beats consistently and how the systems in your body (respiratory, circulatory, digestive) create better health for you now. Appreciate all the things that you have become, done and have. There is nothing that makes your God, your source, happier than for you to appreciate YOU! As You feel good, so God feels good and then God shall lead you to even feeling better.

As you raise your point of attraction you will begin to see the things you desire flow into your life like that of a mountain stream. Trust and know that everything you want is coming to you in the perfect portions and in the perfect timing!


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

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