What Island Are You Living On?

My Friend,

Whatever we focus our attention on is our invitation to it. We have been taught to focus much of our attention on being guarded, fixing problems and fighting against what we don’t want.

All of these types of thoughts make our lives more guarded, with more problems and the things we fight against get bigger. We can all see this in our lives. For example, look at the fight against cancer and how it continues to grow. We each have the power to not have cancer by thinking about our ever growing good health. It is impossible to not have cancer if we continue to think about cancer. Choose to think about health and health shall be YOURS!

It is as though we choose each day the island that we want to be on. Whatever our attention is placed upon will set us on the island of our invitation. There is an island of sickness or health, poverty or wealth, fear or love and an endless stream of islands to live on today. We get to choose what island we are going to live on today!

Come join me today as together we choose the island of happiness, freedom, meaningful relationships, tenderness and love. Your island awaits you dear one.


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

I now wish to create my good health, strength and vitality!