Your State of Being

My Friend,

We are all the creators of our lives. We have been taught that the most important things to create are the physical things around us. But the true subject of our creation is our state of being.

In other words, YOU are the subject of your creation and it is how you feel that is your state of being. It will be most helpful for you to begin this day by determining first how you want to be. Our fate is determined by the concept of who we think we are and how we want to feel. Read the following to place yourself in a good state of being :

  • I desire to feel good today.
  • I desire to create more joy and abundance today.
  • I desire to be in a state of well being today.
  • I am a magnificent creator of what I do want now.
  • I am feeling better and raising my point of attraction.
  • I am raising my planes of reality to that of happiness.
  • I now determine my fate of an abundant life.
  • I now affirm that what I believe is true about me is.
  • I now am in a good state of MY being.

As you ask to enhance your state of being, you shall now take on a new and all powerful concept of yourself. You are realizing your divinity and can now see yourself as you want to be. Happy you, Happy me!


Dr. Hank
Dr. Hank

Dr. Hank’s 60 Second Thought

Well-being abounds and we are blessed vibrational beings who live in grace as we allow it to flow fully to us!